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Last Updated: 8/9/2022 1:53 PM

Kentucky School for the Deaf
P.O. BOX 27
303 S. Second Street
Danville, KY   40423
Phone: 859-239-7017
FAX: 859-936-6830


KSD Contact List

Name Title Phone/VP E-mail Address
Toyah Robey Principal 859.936.6630
Faneshia Jones Assistant Principal 859.439.5844
Jane Paynter Director of Special Education 859.936.6678
Doug Brewer Director of Student Life 859.439.0773
Rick Westerfield Director of Operations/Transportation 859.936.5471
Andrew Hourigan Safety Administrator 859.936.6825
Tony Peavler Director of Outreach 270.681.0605
Jarod Mills Director of Technology 859.936.6747
Laura McKinney Director of Food Services 859.936.6712
Kelly Bullock Head Nurse 859.936.6751
Janice Leavell Housekeeping Supervisor 859.936.6711
Tara Reynolds Finance Officer 859.936.6734
Dawn Calbert Interpreting Supervisor 859.936.6721
Stu Harper School Counselor 859.936.6644
Christie Sharp School Counselor 859.936.6741
Helen Yalch Audiologist 859.936.6770
Christy Hodge Administrative Specialist - Kerr 859.439.0002
Leslie Jones Administrative Specialist - Marshall 859.936.6801
Sarah McCurry

Administrative Specialist - Brady

(ARC, Registration, Evaluations)

Roger McCowan Elem/MS Dorm Supervisor
Johnathan Woodall Network Administrator 859.936.5468
Stevy Brewer School Psychologist 859.936.6791
Mary McNemar School Psychologist 859.936.6754
Logan Wiley Speech Language Pathologist 859.936.6709
Vacant Speech Language Pathologist 859.936.6877  
Renee Combs Library/ Media Center 859.936.6671
Amy Hislope Human Resources 859.936.6703
Jennifer Brewer Social Worker 859.755.4636