Ag students working on wreaths





KSD Agriculture students design and assemble beautiful wreaths to hang in Grow Hall for our annual Gallaudet Clerc Banquet. Our Ag students provide floral and greenery arrangements for every event on campus as well as every day decorations providing beauty through our campus.





KSD's state of the art greenhouse provides a temperature controlled, year-round space to care for and grow vegetation of all kinds. KSD Ag grows seasonal flowers, vegetables and fruits for class as well as to sell to the community.

KSD greenhouse
male and female student tend to strawberry plants  







KSD students grow multiple vegetables on our 45 acre farm, often donating harvests to our school cafeteria and culinary programs. 

KSD students donate potatoes to the school cafeteria
male student hold baby chick







Each year, KSD Ag students study the embryo cycle of baby chicks, incubating eggs and hatching them into chicks. Once hatched, students study and care for the chicks until they are fully feathered, about 6 weeks later