Student Life

Students that attent the Academic Program

KSD Student Life Department

The KSD Student Life Department complements the Academic Program, offering after-school enrichment activities to encourage the total development of each student. These are three important parts of the Student Life Program: Student Life, Student Development, and Athletics.

Student Life

The student life department at the Kentucky School for the Deaf serves student’s Kindergarten through post-secondary ages in a dormitory setting. Our goal is to provide a safe and nurturing environment, as well as preparing our student’s for the 21st century. Residential students reside on campus five evenings per week. We also provide extracurricular activities that give them the opportunity to stay during the weekend several times per year. We feel that this type of environment not only meets the living and social needs of our students, but provides them with additional access to education in order to assist them in preparing for independent living beyond high school as they enter college or the workforce. Our homelike environment provides our residential students a place where they can build upon important social skills as well as other important skills such as budgeting, cooking, advocacy, organizational skills and interacting within the local community. KSD strives to provide activities that build upon the social, physical, intellectual, cultural and emotional skills of each individual student. 

Student Life Staff Members

We have a professional staff that provides 24 hour care to our students. The role of our staff is to teach, discipline, support, and listen to the students. Your childs' welfare is our top priority during the time you have entrusted them in our care. 

Director of Student Life is the professional staff member with overall administrative responsibility for Student Life opperations in both girls/boys dormitories, discipline, and supervises the Student Development Specialists/Supervisors.

Amy Hurst


VP 859-755-4523

Student Development Specialist (Team Leader) is the permanent staff member with overall administrative responsibility for the girls and boys dormitories, discipline, and staff supervision.


Middleton Hall Team Leader: Girl's Dorm
Amy Hurst (VP) 859-755-4523
Acting supervisor

Brady Hall Team Leader: Boy's Dorm
Michael Jamison
(859) 439-0032 (VP)

Student Development Assistant: is the permanent full-time staff member who helps the specialist manage the dormitory.

Student Development Associate: is the trained staff who assists the Student Development Assistant in their work with the students.


Dorm Program Supervisor for Third Shift:  is the permanent full-time staff who has overall administrative responsibility for both girls and boys dormitories, and supervises night house parents during third shift, from 11:30 each night until 8:00 a.m. the following day. 

Amy Hurst
Acting 3rd Shift Supervisor

Night Houseparents: supervises the residents from 11:30 p.m. each night until 8:00 a.m. the following day.