• School Closings/Delays:

    Kentucky School will be closed from March 16th - April 19. Pending approval from Kentucky Department of Education and Kentucky Department of Health, KSD will re-open on Monday, April 20th, 2020.

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Kentucky School for the Deaf
P.O. BOX 27
303 S. Second Street
Danville, KY   40423
Phone: 859-239-7017
FAX: 859-936-6830


KSD Contact List

Name Title Phone/VP E-mail Address
Toyah Robey Principal 859.936.6630 toyah.robey@ksd.kyschools.us
Joe Obermaier Assistant Principal   joe.obermaier@ksd.kyschools.us
Melissa Cantrell Director of Special Education 502.892.6665 melissa.cantrell@education.ky.gov
Jennifer Brogle Director of Student Life 859.936.6646 jennifer.brogle@ksd.kyschools.us
Tommy Barnett Director of Operations 859.936.6655 tommy.barnett@ksd.kyschools.us
Tony Peavler Director of Outreach 270.681.0605 tony.peavler@ksd.kyschools.us
Jarod Mills Director of Technology 859.936.6747 jarod.mills@ksd.kyschools.us
Rick Westerfield Director of Transportation 859.936.6821 rick.westerfield@ksd.kyschools.us
Connie Williams Director of Food Services 859.936.6712 connie.williams@ksd.kyschools.us
Kelly Bullock Head Nurse 859.936.6751 kelly.ashburn@ksd.kyschools.us
Barry Hellard Housekeeping Supervisor 859.936.6711 barry.hellard@ksd.kyschools.us
  Maintenance Supervisor    
Christi Ochs Finance Officer 859.936.6734 christi.ochs@ksd.kyschools.us
Dawn Calbert Interpreting Supervisor 859.936.6721 dawn.calbert@ksd.kyschools.us
Stu Harper School Counselor 859.936.6644 stuart.harper@ksd.kyschools.us
Christie Sharp School Counselor 859.936.6741 christie.sharp@ksd.kyschools.us
Cecilia VanDyke Medicaid Specialist 859.936.6701 cecilia.vandyke@ksd.kyschools.us
Helen Yalch Audiologist 859.936.6770 helen.yalch@ksd.kyschools.us
Toni Jackson Administrative Specialist - Argo 859.936.6680 toni.jackson@ksd.kyschools.us
Brandi Wheeler Administrative Specialist - Kerr 859.936.6777 brandi.wheeler@ksd.kyschools.us
Leslie Jones Administrative Specialist - Marshall 859.936.6801 leslie.jones@ksd.kyschools.us
Sarah McCurry

Administrative Specialist - Brady

(ARC, Registration, Evaluations)

859.936.6713 sarah.mccurry@ksd.kyschools.us
Shane Hodge Dorm Supervisor   patrick.hodge@ksd.kyschools.us
Doug Brewer Dorm Supervisor   douglas.brewer@ksd.kyschools.us
  Dorm Supervisor    
Jacob Greer Network Administrator 859.936.5468 jacob.greer@ksd.kyschools.us
Stevy Brewer School Psychologist 859.936.6791 stevy.brewer@ksd.kyschools.us
Mary McNemar School Psychologist 859.936.6754 mary.mcnemar@ksd.kyschools.us
Jerri Lafavers Speech Language Pathologist 859.936.6709 jerri.lafavers@ksd.kyschools.us
Kinya Embry Speech Language Pathologist 859.936.6877 kinya.embry@ksd.kyschools.us
Renee Combs Library/ Media Center 859.936.6671 renee.combs@ksd.kyschools.us
Amy Hislope Human Resources 859.936.6703 amy.hislope@education.ky.gov
Jennifer Brewer Social Worker 859.755.4636 jennifer.brewer@ksd.kyschools.us